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Administrator Curator Job Description

Minudie Heritage Association
President, Sharon Gould
(902) 667-3923

Minudie Heritage Office

Amos Seaman School Museum
(Minudie Tourist Association)

Christie Anne McLellan
(902) 251-2523

St. Denis Restoration Committee
Sharon Gould, Chair
(902) 667-3923

King Seaman Church Society
Gary Vernon, President


In recent years, many volunteers have worked faithfully to maintain a number of sites which directly connect to the history of Minudie, such as churches, cemeteries, the school museum and a heritage home. Each year, numerous visitors come to search their roots, connect to the past and to dig into the history of the area. The association was formed during the summer of 2001 and includes the following individuals, associations and heritage organizations:

  • The Amos Thomas Seaman Heritage House
  • The Amos “King” Seaman Museum
  • The “King” Seaman Church Society
  • The Lake Cemetery
  • The St. Denis Cemetery
  • The Restoration Committee of the St. Denis Church

The mandate of the Association is to increase the public’s awareness of Minudie and the historical significance of Amos Seaman and other relevant figures. The Minudie Heritage Association anticipates increased visitors to the whole area, drawn in part, by the Joggins Fossil Cliffs which are now designated as a World Heritage Site. A unique collection of 320 million year-old, coal-age fossils is housed in the Joggins Fossil Institute.