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Minudie’s long history includes original habitation by the Mi’kmaq. They invited the French in Port Royal, who also made seasonal hunting trips in the area, to settle here with their families. In the spring of 1672, six French men arrived by boat and built shelters. Twelve families arrived the following year and a permanent settlement began. The Acadians enjoyed peaceful existence until their expulsion in 1755 at which time their community was destroyed.

Large Land grants around Minudie were given to Colonel Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres and Edward Barron by the British Government in 1763 and the community of Minudie was rebuilt and existed for many years by tenant farming.

In 1796, Amos Peck Seaman arrived in Minudie. During the 1800’s, he led Minudie to a period of industrial growth. In 1871, the population of this community was listed as 600. As time changed, the population shifted and declined.

Today, Minudie is a small rural community set among ancient fields and marshes with strong tides held back by dykes which were built by the Acadians and are still visible to this day.