Lake Cemetery

Amos always wanted to be buried by water, so he created the Lake in the Lake Cemetery in a lovely scenic location, surrounded by trees. There is a road around the cemetery with an artificial lake in the center, that is said to be very deep. One story mentions that in the winter, ice was cut from the lake and stored in the fish camp barns to be used in the summer for salting shad.

Cream colored water lilies were planted in the early 1900’s, which still bloom today. Amos and his wife Jane (Metcalf) Seaman share a large tombstone under the huge linden tree, which was imported from Europe. Other family members are buried close by.

The gate and fence posts are believed to have been cut from the grindstone quarry in Lower Cove. The earliest burial date found was in 1837. In 1876, Gilbert and Job Seaman, and George Hibbard laid out lots for selection and sale.